Implementation of SAFe in Goal Systems, a world leader in the development of optimization solutions for the transportation industry

Road Map SAFe

Goal Systems is a world leader in the design and development of resource optimization systems used in the transportation industry. The renowned company has started to implement SAFe® with the support of Estratecno, Scaled Agile Gold Transformation Partner.

Goal Systems, to apply agile practices at the enterprise scale, has chosen SAFe as a framework and a base to adopt integrated and proven principles, practices, and competencies to implement Lean, Agile and DevOps at scale.

The goal of this strategic initiative is to achieve Business Agility, to be pioneers in its sector by implementing SAFe to provide a competitive advantage to its organization and its clients by scaling agile from team level to the program and portfolio level.

Goal Systems has a strong global presence in the transportation industry and its client portfolio is spread throughout the world, both in very mature markets and in emerging ones. Renfe, Alstom, Tussam, The Transport Consortium of the Community of Madrid (Consorcio de Transportes de la Comunidad de Madrid), Air Europa, Saudi Arabia City Bus, Mexico, and China are some of its clients along with other regulatory authorities.

All its clients have different characteristics due to the type of transport, the volume of fleets, and complexity of the business such as buses, rail transport, airlines, maintenance, highways, maritime transport, metros, trams, handling, regulatory authorities, among them. Goal Systems has offices in Spain, France, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Mexico and representatives in the United States and China.

Goal System with the implementation of SAFe wants to reduce its Time to Market, increase the quality of its products and develop a customer-centric approach, aligning the development of its products and solutions with the needs of its customers taking into consideration the rapid changes in the market.

Another benefit is the creation of an ecosystem of innovation and relentless improvement that integrates the IT and Business areas.

Goal Systems started the SAFe Implementation Roadmap in July by delivering ambitious training sessions to all levels of the organization. Since then, Leading SAFe® training, aimed at managers and executives to explore and understand the framework, and other role-specific training sessions such as SAFe® Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM), SAFe® DevOps Practitioner (SDP) y SAFe® for Teams (SP) has been delivered.

The next important milestone was the creation of a LACE (Lean-Agile Center of Excellence), a multidisciplinary team with members from all the areas of the organization who, as Lean-Agile Change Agents, will guide the organization to implement SAFe.


Just a while ago, the first ART (Agile Release Train) has been launched and the first PI Planning, a collaborative quarterly planning event involving around 100 people, has been carried out.

Goal Systems is trusting Estratecno, Scaled Agile Gold Transformation Partner, for its SAFe implementation. Supported by Estratecno delivers the required training, carries out PI Planning sessions and synchronization meetings remotely by using collaborative platforms and digital tools.

This combination of using videoconferences with interactive tools connects people through their boards since each and all the user sessions are synchronized in real-time. This ability to work remotely with distributed teams is currently a key competence to guarantee continuity in the delivery of value to the client.

With this new project, Estratecno adds a new star to its agile training and coaching for agile transformation references. This list contains many other clients from large organizations from different sectors such as Telecommunications, Banking and Insurance, Energy, Technology Consultants, Public Administration and Trading.