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Official Training and Certification Courses

Get the most out of and enjoy the experience of our teachers through a very practical training

We want our students to understand the training content, acquire knowledge, and create an action plan to start applying it immediately!

With this objective in mind, we carry out multiple activities, exercises, and simulation games throughout the course, so that students are involved in the generation of knowledge (“learn by doing”). We transfer what is learned to the real context of the students so that they appreciate its applicability, and we try to clear the doubts from our own and/or their classmates' experiences. Collaborating in small teams, they build and refine proposals for action plans, and share them with the rest (“learn by sharing”).

Here you can find the main areas of our training catalogue grouped by the certifying body.
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In the brochure of each course, you will be able to consult the dates for the open groups.
We also deliver in-company courses for attendees from the same organization.