Project Management Office (PMO) with a Lean-Agile approach

Design and Support to the Agile PMO 

An effective Project Management Office allows integration of projects and business strategy, guaranteeing their execution based on common resources, methodologies, tools, and techniques. And what is more important, it allows to centralize them to make their management more efficient (resource optimization) and follow-up (monitoring and tracking).

We support the creation and/or optimization of the Agile or hybrid PMO in organizations applying Lean tools and techniques to improve governance and reduce delivery times.

Define the most suitable PMO for your organization

Creation and support for Agile PMO

Expert advice and support to:

  • Understand the key processes and functions of a PMO
  • Determine the most appropiate type of PMO for your company
  • Define its structure and properly manage its implementation
  • Establish the guidelines and standards for project management to lead your organization towards excellence
  • Have a criteria to select the life cycles (predictive, agile or hybdrid) that best suit each project

Design the Agile PMO as a Transformation Office

Introduction to Lean and Agile concepts

  • Demand Management
  • Stategycal Management of the Portfolio in VUCA environments
  • Agile Portfolio Management
  • Leading the transformation: Agile Coaches and Lean Enterprise Leaders
  • Agile Transformation Office Structures
  • Agile Transformation Office Implementation

Training and Workshops

Custom design based on the specific needs of each organization

  • Introduction to the PMO's
  • Project expectatives
  • Strategy, Portfolio, Programs and Projects
  • Project Audits
  • Lean Portfolio Management
  • PMO Maturity Level
  • Implementation Phases and Roadmap of a PMO
  • IT tools to support the PMO
Agile PMO

Lean-Agile-oriented Project Management Offices are gaining more and more importance due to the strategic role they play in companies. Nowadays, an organization that wants to lead its market is not conceived without agile project management that aligns the strategy with the project.

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