First SAFe GOLD Transformation Partner in Spain

SAFe® Implementation and Consulting Services

We are focused on and highly experienced in the implementation of the Agile Scaling Framework SAFe®.

Since 2007 we have had a stable and growing team of trainers and consultants all with extensive professional and training experience. Estratecno has experience in international Agile Training and Transformation projects in global companies that have a presence in multiple countries. We offer our services in many languages such as Spanish, English, Swedish, ...

Estratecno's SAFe® Program Consultants (SPC's) advise organizations to adapt and simplify the implementation of SAFe in any of its stages and configurations: Essential, Large Solution, Portfolio, or Full SAFe.


We support your decision to implement SAFe®

  • Session to understand SAFe's proposal for scaling agile
  • Tipping Point Workshop to help in the decision making
  • Official Leading SAFe (SA) training to explore and understand the framework. Aimed at leaders (executives and middle managers)


We facilitate the transformation preparation

  • Training and accompaniment of change agents (agile coaches)
  • Workshop to identify the product, value stream and team of teams (ART) to start with
  • Support in creating the implementation plan
  • Official training for each role (SSM, POPM, SP, ARCH,… )


We will be with you launching the first ART (Team of Teams)

  • Preparation and facilitation of the PI Planning
  • Accompaniment at team and ART level during the events
  • Official training for continuous and relentless improvement (SDP, ASE, …)


We support the decision to implement SAFe®

  • Launching of more trains
  • Extending SAFe to Portfolio
  • Official Leading SAFe (SA) Training to explore and understand the framework
  • Official training for advanced roles (SASM, RTE, LPM, …)
Values and Cultures

We enjoy working as a team and we are strongly committed to our clients who we consider partners and friends, and we prioritize collaboration through our high working ethics.

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