From Technical Agility to Business Agility

Design and execution of the Agile Transformation plan

We apply our own method based on the experiences obtained from pioneering organizations. From the initial diagnosis, we design with the client a Transformation Plan according to their objectives, priorities, and velocity. 

Since 2007 we have a stable and growing team of trainers and consultants all with extensive professional and training experience. Estratecno has experience in international Agile Training and Transformation projects in global companies that have a presence in multiple countries. We offer our services in many languages such as Spanish, English, Swedish, ...

We simplify the adoption of agile

Initial Diagnosis

Contact with the process and people of the organization

  • Initial agility maturity assessment
  • For the initial implementations, identification of the teams and their corresponding Product Owners
  • Leveling of knowledge and basic training, if necessary
  • The level of maturity of the teams and their topology (feature or component teams)
  • Team dependencies
  • Evaluation of pre-existing roles and profiles
  • Proposal for changes

Preparation of the Transformation Plan

Definition of processes/practices based on well-established agile frameworks

  • Scrum practices for independent teams
  • Scaling Scrum/Agile practices for teams with strong dependencies that may or not work in the same product
  • Kanban practices for maintainance, support or enhancement teams
  • Agile Portfolio Management

Execution of the Transformation Plan

Strategy based training at different levels of the organization in a short period of time

  • Incorporation of teams progressively
  • Strategic training of Executives and/or Project Management Office about scaling agile frameworks, System Thinking and Management 3.0
  • Training for Product Owners in agile requirements engineering and leadership from the point of view of business value
  • Training for Product Managers, Scrum Masters, Teams according to the Agile and Kanban frameworks


  • Enterprise Agile Coach to Executives and the Project Management Office
  • Agile Coach to Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Project and Team Managers
  • Coaching and facilitation of Scrum Masters and Teams Alignment

Monitoring and consolidation

of the agile process and practices

  • Scrum Master mentoring and coordination
  • Product Owner alignment workshop facilitation based on scaling agile practices
  • Scrum guidance and supervision in the meetings
  • Continuous improvement of agile processes/practices by the facilitation of retrospectives at different levels
  • Recommendations for the resolution of systemic impediments
  • Transversal initiatives, coordination between departments and solutions to common problems
  • Tracking the progressive maturity of Scrum using Scrum Level Assessments
Values and Culture

We enjoy working as a team and we are strongly committed to our clients who we consider partners and friends, and we prioritize collaboration through our high working ethics.

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